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We are committed to helping every family successfully implement the SOW Curriculum in their home. This includes families who purchase the curriculum directly from us, and those who purchase it used.

Before seeking a consultation, we recommend that you study the website, listen to the SOW Seminar (SOW Resource CD, a 5 hour SOW Workshop (Free with purchase of SOW TE I-VI ) or SOW audio CD, a 1 hour SOW workshop, (Free with purchase of SOW TE I)), and read your the SOW Resource & Teacher Edition carefully.


      Call ... #1 225-590-3444

      Email ... merle@sowcurriculum.com

Please leave your name, phone number, and a convenient time, include time zone (central, mountain, etc), for calling you back. If you can not get in touch with Merle by phone try emailing.

REMINDER! Toll free number 1-888-567-7771 for SOW direct sales information.


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