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SOW Co-ops...  
SOW Co-ops  and many of the suggested activities below are included in the SOW Curriculum.  Co-ops were the highlight of our homeschooling experience.  You may use this information to start a co-op in your area using these suggested ideas,  formats, and descriptions of co-ops, our family have used with other families. We have included videos & information for a family campout that our family participated in.  For more information and to link your  SOW Co-op to this page  ... Contact Us .

Description of SOW Co-ops:

SOW Co-ops are several activities designed to enhance family unity and build each member of the family's relationship with God, one another, and others

SOW Co-ops are Biblically founded, Christ centered, parent involved, family oriented, and reaching out to all.

SOW Co-op  descriptions, time, and place may vary from semester to semester or in other areas where.                                                

SOW Co-op  members should  be committed to walking by faith in Spirit, truth, and love.

SOW Co-ops consist of families that, meet regularly in a  cooperative effort to have fun purposeful activities.

SOW Co-ops are  just suggested ideas; until, we have families that are committed to supporting it by cheerfully giving of your time, resources, energy, talents, prayers, etc. in your area.

Participation in SOW Co-ops:

MEMBERS: All Christian families are invited to participate. Guests (family, friends, & neighbors) are welcome, but must RSVP the host family for each activity. Parental involvement is mandatory for all families and guests. Children under 18 must be accompanied by parent for every function; exceptions made by co-op members for  single dads/moms, working parents, guardians, foster care,etc.

REQUIREMENTS: All Christian families that would like to participate in one or more SOW Co-ops.

REGISTER:-Fill out a SOW Co-op  registration form.

FEE-To be determined by parents in co-op.

HOST-Help host, coordinate, teach, or supervise  at least one of the activities per co-op  your family chooses to participate in. For example, if your family chooses to participate in Family Sports; then you would sign up to host or coordinate at least one of the weekly activities. The host or coordinators responsibilities will vary with each co-op; but generally, they will be required to do one or all of these things: prepare place of function for the number of participants, make phone calls, organize activities, research ideas, provide materials or inform of materials required, assist in teaching, bring snacks & drinks, help students, set up, and clean up. If you are not able to participate in an activity you have agreed to do, you will need to find a replacement from the SOW Co-op Phone List. 

MEETINGS-Attend SOW Co-op meetings to discuss objectives, topics, materials, responsibilities, time, & place for each activity.

COMMENTS-Send or give comments, ideas, suggestions, or changes desired for SOW Co-ops to director  in your area. (optional)

Description of  SOW Co-op Activities:

1.. Family Sharing/Playing:  The co-op is one way we have found to apply the studies we have labored in during the week. Families are given the opportunity to demonstrate, testify, teach, serve, and share what they have been learning about God and His creation.


a. The Co-ops are divided into 3 semesters each year: Sept.- Nov., Jan.- March, May-July. 
b. Each semester has 10 co-ops:  Creative Writing, Science, Music, Literature, Craft, Geography, Art, History, Community Service, Drama. (The following topics may change each semester)
c. These co-ops will meet, time and place: TBA. 
d. Sharing: The first hour the students will share one of the specific topics listed above. Sharing may be expressed by any of the following: exhibit, report, display, skit, puppet show, reading, speech, experiment, demonstration, etc. 
e. Instruction: The second hour will conclude with a follow-up activity, guest speaker, or an instructional summary by the host. (optional)

2. SOW Family Sports  are recreational activities for Christian families that desire parent led, Christ centered, family fun recreation, and a basic knowledge of team sports.


a. Family Recreation will meet for 2-3 hours.
b. Time and place TBA.
c. Sessions : Sept.-Nov., Jan.-March , May-July
d. Recreations: soccer, bowling, skating, volleyball, flag football, baseball, etc.

3. SOW Family Worship (FW) is for Christian family members that have a desire to worship God using instruments, voice, and drama. The Family Worship Team will be committed to being Spirit led in our attitudes, actions, music, and speech.


a. Family Worship will meet for 2-3 hours per week. 
b. Time and place TBA.
c. Class instruction ( 1 hour): Beginners (theory w/ flutophone, wind instruments , string instruments, brass instruments, rhythm instruments, choir, & drama.
d. Practice ( 1 hour) : Skilled  instrument players, singers, etc. will practice together.
e. Ministry: FW will meet once a month for ministry opportunities.

4. SOW Family Outreaches are monthly evangelistic outreaches specifically planned to build unity with in the family and reach out to family, friends, & neighbors with the love of Christ.

(September) SOW Parent Planning Retreat is a retreat for parents designed to give families a vision for discipleship and a plan for how to disciple their children.

(October) SOW Halloween Outreach is a family outreach designed to reach the lost in your neighborhood with a message of Christ's love using a theme such as time travel, heroes of faith, pilgrim's progress, mission impossible, etc. 

(November) SOW Family Camp Out is family camping with a purpose. These camp outs are designed to impart a vision for discipleship. Activities are planned around the family such as games, bonfires, hikes, canoeing, skits, worship, Bible Study, prayer, and  reaching out to other campers. 
(December) SOW Christmas Caroling is a family gathering for the purpose of celebrating Jesus' birth and reaching out to neighbors and friends by Christmas caroling. Families bring desserts and snacks to share and a Jesus ornament to give away to another family. 

(January) SOW Family Pray In  is a  family slumber party in which the time is devoted to fellowship, prayer, sharing, &  goal planning intermingled with lots of games, skits, eats, etc.

(February) SOW Valentine Couple Retreat or Banquet  is a family party in which each family brings a decorated valentine box or bag, valentine cards and desserts to share with neighbors and friends.  Each person shares how God taught or showed them Agape Love.

(March) SOW Resurrection Celebration is a family festival dedicated to celebrating the Old Covenant Passover and New Covenant Lord's Supper and their relationship to each other. The Passover as well as the Lord's Supper  are Biblically told and observed. Contests such as paper airplane flying, egg decorating, paper plate bonnets, water balloon toss, etc.

(April ) SOW Family Camp Out is family camping with a purpose. These camp outs are designed to impart a vision for discipleship. Activities are planned around the family such as games, bonfires, hikes, canoeing, skits, worship, Bible Study, prayer, and  reaching out to other campers.

(May) SOW Graduation Celebration is an end of the year celebration for families. Each family displays their families' works for that year in art, social studies, Bible, music, math, etc. Each student is given a certification of completion. Blessings are given by the parents.

(June) SOW Conference is a day seminar for Christian parents interested in Biblical discipleship for their children not just education. David & Merle Reece and other homeschooling parents share how they teach their children at home using the SOW Curriculum. The goal is to know God, the method is discipleship, and the main text for all the subjects is the Bible.     
(July) SOW 4th of July Beach Outreach is an all day outreach on the beach which includes sand sculpturing contests, picnic, watermelon eating, dodge ball, and other water & beach activities. All events are designed to draw the lost in to witness the love of Christ and the gospel message via testimony, skits, talent show, gospel presentation, and worship .etc.  
(August) SOW Mission Trip is a planned family trip for the purpose of ministering to low income peoples and supporting the local "church" in that area and the building up the faith of the family unit.                                                                        

5. SOW Family Discipleship Groups are expected to meet the specific needs of discipleship according to Titus and Timothy.

Format: Each specific group will meet once a month, time and place TBA.

a. The Parent's Discipleship Group is for parents desiring unity in the family committed to worship, prayer, and Bible Study on parenting skills. 
b. The Couple's Discipleship Group
is for married couples desiring oneness committed to worship, prayer, and Bible Study for married couples. 
c. The Women's Discipleship Group
is for women, 13 years of age and up. This group will begin with a homemaker's workshop for 1 hr. to learn skills such as cake decorating, meals, modest dressing, flower arranging, family traditions, etc. Then group will meet for 1 hr. for worship, Bible study, & prayer, and 1 hr. for fellowship.
d. The Men's Discipleship Group is for men, 13 years of age and up. This group will begin with a caretaker's workshop for 1 hr. to learn skills such house maintenance, budget, gardening, car maintenance, etc. Then group will meet for 1 hr. for worship, Bible study, & prayer, and 1 hr. for fellowship.

6. The Family Discipleship Group or Church will meet for 1 & hrs. of family worship, prayer, and Bible study (skits, memory verse, games, recite, etc.) that relate to your family's daily Bible lessons or devotions. Then group will meet for 1&1/2 hrs. for fellowship and a shared meal.

7. Family Baby-sitting Co-op is designed for Christian families with young children who need responsible Christian baby-sitting within a family environment. Each family participating is given 10 tickets initially. Each ticket is worth 1 hour baby-sitting time. Tickets are exchanged for baby-sitting time, regardless of the # of children. More tickets are earned by baby-sitting for other families on the list. Overnight tickets are optional. Families on list meet at least once a year for fellowship and to approve other families for the list. Lists can be separated, if it gets too large.

8. SOW Family Apprenticeship Network is a network of Christians skilled in a trade, business, or profession (the master apprentice) who are interested in teaching or training someone else, 16 years and older (an apprentice). This network, also, includes families that desire their students (16 years & older) to be trained and taught by masters of a trade, profession, or business that honor Christ in their homes and place of work. If you are a Christian skilled in a trade, business, or profession, and you would like to teach or train someone or if your a student looking for a Christian anointed by God to train you in a specific trade or profession; contact SOW.

9. SOW Family Resource Library  are family resources for the family such as tapes, books, curriculums, texts, etc. concerning Christianity, homeschooling, family living, courtship, apprenticeship, etc. These are donated resources and are to be checked out and used by SOW  families as a library of resources. Fines will be given for resources not brought back on time. This will be open once or twice a month for checking in & out resources. Each family participating must volunteer some hours helping sort, label, and check.

10. SOW Family Year Book Committee is a yearly book for SOW homeschooling families that desire to remember friends, field trips, projects, co-ops etc. for each specific year. Families must pay for their own family page and provide pictures and information for each year. Each family participating must help with the producing of it. 


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