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                          1999 SOW Conference


    To encourage the body of believers to have a vision for discipleship rather than education.                

    To explain how our family uses the Bible as the main text for all the subjects.

    To demonstrate how your home can be the best environment for learning.

   To teach basic principles of educating multi-aged children together.

Main Speakers:

    Merle and David Reece are the founders of Family Life in Christ Ministry, a ministry designed to enhance family unity while building a relationship with God. They are also the authors and publishers of SOW Curriculum (Student Of the Word: A Bible centered  Curriculum) and SOS (Sowers Of the Seed), a family newsletter. They both received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord in 1975 while attending Louisiana State University. Merle has a BS in Elementary and Special Education and David has a BS in Agricultural Mechanization from  Louisiana State University. David, also, has a MBS from Dallas Theological Seminary.  They are the parents of five children; David Jr., Benjamin, Jonathan, Abigail, and Hannah, and they have been homeschooling since 1981.


    Trinity Evangelical Free Church
        19380 N. 10th St., Covington, Louisiana
        (From I-12, take the Mandeville-Covington exit, travel N. on Hwy 190, then take a right on 10th St.)

Schedule: June 25th & June 26th

Friday : June 25th    (+) For Women (*) For Men


*  + Registration
  6:30 *  + Introduction
  7:00 *  + "A Biblical Vision vs. a World Vision" by David Reece
  8:00 *  + Reece Family Testimony

Saturday  : June 26th      (+) For Women (*) For Men


*  + Registration and   Book Table Open
   9:00 *  + Introduction
   9:30     + How we use the Bible as the Main Text * How to Disciple Your Children
 10:00     + Stewardship: Home, Time, & Money Management * Narrative Outline
 10:30     + Discipleship: More than just "Character training" * Topical Study
 11:00     + Learning  8  Basic Skills of Language Arts * Character Study
 12:00 *  + Lunch (Lunch not included, may bring sack lunch.)
       Book Table Open.
   1:00    + Science, Geography, & History with a Purpose * Man's Role as Steward
   2:00     + Mastering Skills in Spelling, English, Writing, & Literature * Man's Role as Priest
   3:00     + Phonics: How to teach your child to read? * Man's Role as Watchman
   4:00 *  + Questions. Book Table Open.

For more information call: # 1-601-876-0974


Cut on line

1999 SOW Conference Registration Form

Please fill out the registration form and send it with payment to: 1999 SOW Conference,
 P.O. Box 680
 Tylertown, MS 39667
Make checks payable to SOW  Curriculum. For more information call #-1-601-876-0974

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Name of Spouse (if attending)______________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

Phone #:__________________________

June 25, Friday Registration fee: Free for all persons.      June 26, Saturday Registration fee:   $2.50 / adult,  children free

How many? ____ X $2.50 = Total Cost________          How many children attending?________(Child care is not provided)

    Note: The $2.50 per adult registration fee is nonrefundable. There is a late registration fee of $ 5.00 per adult for those who register after June 23, 1999. Children attending the SOW Conference must be supervised by an adult at all times. For information about hotels and Louisiana special attractions such as   Swamp Tour, Wild Life Park, La. State Captitol, New Orleans  Zoo, Oak Alley Plantation Tour, French Quarter, Mississippi Riverboat, Bogachita Water Park, etc., call Lavon & Jessica Welch, ph # 1-504-626-3205. Notification of  SOW Conference registration will be confirmed.