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SOW CONFERENCE: A SOW Seminar & Celebration


    To encourage the body of believers to have a vision for discipleship rather than education.                
    To explain how our family uses the Bible as the main text for all the subjects.
    To demonstrate how your home can be the best environment for learning.
   To teach basic principles of educating multi-aged children together.

Main Speakers:

    Merle and David Reece are the founders of Family Life in Christ Ministry and Home Of Worship: A Christ centered, Bible based, Spirit led, Family integrated Church. They are also the authors and publishers of SOW Curriculum (Student Of the Word: A Bible Centered  Curriculum. They both received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord in 1975. Merle has a BS in Elementary and Special Education and David has a BS in Agricultural Mechanization from Louisiana State University. David also has earned his Masters in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. They were married in 1978 and are the parents of five children; David Jr., Benjamin, Jonathan, Abigail, & Hannah and grandparent to Josey. They have been homeschooling since the birth of their first child in 1981.

Date: June 19, 2004, Saturday

Covington Convention Center (Boguefalaya Hall),  317 N. Jefferson, Covington, Louisiana

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SOW (Student Of the Word) Curriculum: A K-12th Curriculum in which the goal is to know God, the method is discipleship, and the main text is the Bible for all the basic subjects, except math.

SOW Seminar

Time: 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm  
Cost: $20.00 / adult or family early registration. $25.00 / adult or family at the door. Spouse & children free. (No childcare available.) Send $20.00 registration fee & form to : SOW,   P.O. Box 680, Tylertown, MS. 39667. 
Description: A hands on workshop for parents interested in learning how to educate (disciple) their children using the Bible as the main text.

Dinner Break:

Time: 5:00 - 6:00 pm                                                                                            Cost: Each family pays for its own meal!                                                    Description: Bring meal, eat out, or order out and eat in. 

SOW Celebration

Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm  
FREE for everyone!                                                                                     Description: This is a separate event from the SOW Seminar! Families using the SOW Curriculum will give various presentations and testimonies and will have the student's SOW notebooks & projects for display.

*Special invitation to all families!!! Come and visit us at Home Of Worship: A Christ centered, Bible based, Spirit led, Family integrated Church, Sunday, June 20th, @ TBA,  10:30 am - 5:00 pm (Worship, prayer, testimony, Bible study, Lord's Supper, meal, recreation, & fellowship.)


  12:30  SOW Seminar: Registration
    1:00  The Goal: Make Disciples, The Plan: Discipleship, & The Text: Bible
    1:30  Home Management: Using the Scope & Sequence & Charts
    2:00  How to Pray, Memorize Scripture, & Walk in the Spirit
    2:30  Inductive Bible Study: Outline, Vocabulary, Setting, Character, Topic, etc.
    3:00  Writing, Spelling, English, & Literature with a Purpose
    3:30  Science, Geography, & History
    4:00  Apprenticeship: Vocational, Ministry, Life Skills, & Family Life
    4:30  Questions Answered
    5:00  Dinner : Each family provides own meal.
    6:00-  8:00 pm  SOW Celebration: FREE to all families!                                                  SOW families share and display SOW notebooks.

Note: There will be hands on activities relating to the SOW Curriculum, testimonies by SOW families, and handouts or worksheets correlated to each session. It is will be an encouraging and informative time, even if you are not using the SOW Curriculum, or just an old pro at homeschooling.

Testimony: "My daughter, Katie and I attended the SOW Conference. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to you and your entire family for your wonderful and gracious hospitality and fellowship. It was a fun, entertaining, uplifting, educational, and a Christian experience. You have a wonderful family and I feel blessed to have had the chance to have met you all." Suzanne

Registration: Link to form

If you would like more information, call or email: 

David & Merle Reece,  #1-601-876-0974 or merle@sowcurriculum.com.