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Canada SOW Representative
Layne, Rett, Danaya, Daelynn, Mikaela, Heidi
and Lori
40 Templehill Bay NE
Calgary, Alberta Canada T1Y 4C7

    My husband, Ben and I believe that home schooling is the most effective way to disciple our children, with academics being and important but secondary part of their training.

    We researched quite a bit and settled on SOW because it was what we thought we would have put together ourselves. Some specific features we were looking for - focused on God's Word, discipleship first, types of lessons applied to different topics, worksheets, complete, one-time purchase, flexible framework rather than "these pages on these days", thinking and reasoning skills as opposed to "the right answer", and finally - you can use your own resources or the ones suggested in the curriculum.

Singapore SOW Representative

  Henson & Serene Lim
David, Sarah, Aaron, Esther, Ruth

Singapore, Singapore 570222
Website : www.buildingupmoms.com
Email : buildingupmoms@gmail.com

"While the current curriculum was very sound, we felt that something was lacking in it. God & His Word was just one of the subjects to be taught to the children. To them & to me, the teacher, it was just another subject to be taught & graded. We wanted more for them. For them to know that everything should be viewed through a Christian worldview.

I had heard of SOW from the ladies on MOMYS Digest & so decided to research it some more on your website. I also joined the SOW Yahoo Group which has been most helpful in answering certain questions I had.

After much prayer & discussion, we decided that we will go with SOW from now on. We are really looking forward to delving deeper into Godís word & more importantly, teach our children how to do it for themselves!"

          Illinois SOW Representative

Candace, Theresa, & Bobby Joe
Gary & Michelle Cooper

St. Anne, Illinois 

      "I have been searching for a curriculum based on Scripture. I did try other "Bible based" curriculums in which I was disappointed. I found many integration points forced and used the Bible as reference rather than the main text of the curriculum. And I have never been comfortable teaching the Bible as a separate subject. I believe the SOW Curriculum will be used to bring my family closer to God."

Louisiana SOW Representative


Ali, Austin, Jake, Jessica, & Jordan 
Bobby & Sherry Arnold 

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 


     "The SOW Curriculum is really a manual on how to have a godly home built on the Rock of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word as the foundation of our lives. It builds family unity and a love for God and His Word as you inductively study entire books of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. It's wonderful to see how all the academic subjects relate to God and His Word. It's a great tool for Dad to use to be the spiritual leader of his home.
     The SOW allows us to teach multi levels academically as well as how to pray, walk in Godly character traits, memorize scripture, organize household chores, implement stewardship skills, read about great heroes of the faith, learn about "His Story" and how it all relates to Jesus. There are powerful creative writing assignments relating the Old Testament to the New Testament.
     Our favorite part has been the SOW co-ops we do weekly with other families - such as literature, geography, science, and the monthly events such as camping trips, Fall Harvest Fair, family worship and Bible Studies,  reenacting the Passover or the Tabernacle. All these fun family events deepen our fellowship with other homeschool families.
       The yearly notebooks that the children create have become treasured scrapbooks of all that the Lord has taught our family - The Lord is really our Teacher! Mom and Dad learn as much or more than the children as we all become Students of the Word!
'          The grass withers and the flowers fade' - or you could say, 'Science withers and History fades, but the Word of God abides forever!' The help and support we have received from the SOW is not only priceless, but eternal!                                    

Louisiana  SOW Representative

Rachael, Nathan, Jonathan, & Meredith
Lavon & Jessica Welch

Covington/Mandeville, Louisiana 

         "We have been using the SOW Curriculum for 9 years. It has unified our family because of our increased focus on the Word of God.  The pressure of learning the 'academics' usually crowded out Bible, prayer, and ministry; but the SOW Curriculum has given our family the opportunity to disciple our children while meeting the required educational standards in each subject. Our success in homeschooling lies in the fact that we are in the Word of God continuously. "

Florida SOW Representative

Danielle, Stephen, Michael, Benjamin, Deborah, New Baby Bill & Chris Robinson
Pensacola, Florida 


     "We believe the Bible is the beginning of all knowledge and true wisdom. A thorough study of the Bible is what our children's education has been missing. Not only do we have an intense desire to see more discipleship in our own family, but also in the body of Christ. Most people do know know how to study God's Word effectively. Though many churches have wonderful teaching ministries, they fail to teach Christian's how to study and interpret the Bible for themselves. We feel that the SOW Curriculum does this. We are excited to share the discipleship and Bible study aspects of the SOW Curriculum with others, including non-homeschooling families."

               Texas SOW Representative          

Matthew, Courtney, Brianna, & Phillip 

 Nelson & Brenda Minica                                                  San Antonio, Texas


 "I love the SOW, because it is Bible centered. We read and study the Bible on a daily basis. It is easy to use with different age levels."

Florida  SOW Representative

Mahalia, Samuel, Sarah, & Jeremiah
James & Michel McNamee

Sanford, Florida


     "We are home schooling because God has given my husband and I a mandate to feed our children from the Tree of Life. We felt this could only be done at home in HIS WORD. SOW is the most awesome tool, we have found, to help us accomplish our goal.   Though I had already purchased everything I intended to use for homeschooling, one day as I was browsing through the "Teaching Home" magazine, I came upon a SOW ad. I heard in my spirit, "This is the curriculum I (GOD) want you to use." We believe SOW is an awesome tool to disciple our children and raise up godly seed."

Alabama  SOW  Representative

Valerie, Elizabeth, Joshua, Robby, Scotty, Sam-Lee,  Hannah & grandsons...Andrew & Elijah
Bill & Sher Birmingham

Opelika, Alabama


     "I can find no other curriculum that focuses on God's Word while teaching all the subjects. I love the idea of teaching creationism, not just as a religious idea, but a scientific one, and using God's word to diagram sentences in English. I feel, if more people would understand God's call to teach God's word in everything they do, this next generation will be more on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ."

Hawaii SOW Representative

Timothy, Matthew & Andrew
Peter & Janice DeMichele  

Pukalani, Hawaii

           "Last year I was excited to find the curriculum I thought would be good for my son, Timothy. When I sat down to review it with my husband, Pete,  I discovered that his plan for educating our children was different than mine. His desire was for our children to learn the word of God and have a strong faith in God. Well, I was stunned! I was excited that my husband cared and had strong convictions for the direction our family would take, but, now, I needed to do more research. What I had chosen did not have a Biblical focus at all. A good friend who uses the SOW Curriculum showed me the material. We like the fact that our family studies all of  the Bible. We feel strongly about the need to train our children in God's Word and we believe that schooling is more than just knowing the facts."

Missouri SOW Representative

Tom & Cindy Morris 
 Ryann & Erin

Rolla, Missouri

"God directed us to the SOW Curriculum. Now, our family has been learning the Word of God everyday. We believe in the SOW Curriculum's goal,  to know God, and the method, discipleship, because it lines up with the Word of God. It is blessing our family tremendously. Thank you and God Bless!"