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   It is a homeschooling curriculum designed for Christian families. The SOW Curriculum endorses a Biblical vision -- the goal is to know God, the method is discipleship, and the main text is the Bible.

  It is a strictly scriptural program. There is no fear of doctrinal or religious ideologies being taught by any man, because the lessons in the SOW Curriculum are formatted to teach the student "how" to study God's Word and His creation.

  It is an integrated approach to study. Each subject in the SOW Curriculum focuses on the Bible-- not a principle, time line, literature, topic, or character trait. This focus on the Word of God creates a unique relationship between all the subjects.

  It is a K-12th curriculum designed for multilevel instruction. The SOW Curriculum can be used by the teacher to instruct the nonreaders or instructional readers by using the 30 reproducible worksheets, while the independent readers (students capable of reading the Bible and following written instructions) use the SOW Student Edition to work independently on their own, while teaching all of the family members the same subject at the same time.

  It is a complete educational program. All the basic subjects are included in the SOW Curriculum such as English, phonics, history, geography, penmanship, literature, spelling, science, art, music, physical education, creative writing, language arts, reading, Bible, and more. (A separate math curriculum is needed; lessons in math are not included.)

  It is an extensive Bible study from Genesis to Revelation. The SOW Curriculum includes scripture reading, character study, topical study, outlining, map skills, word study in Hebrew or Greek, comments and daily life applications.

  It is a discipleship training manual. Instructions in stewardship principles such as time, home, and money management; family devotions; scripture memory; prayer; Bible study methods; and how to "walk with God" are included in the SOW Curriculum.

  It is ideal for teachers and students. It includes clear teacher and student instructions; general and yearly six year scope and sequences; step-by-step lessons in each subject; daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules; how to diagnostic test and evaluate; 10 master charts for home management; student samples; resource list; and more.  The 30 reproducible worksheets for K-5th students and the SOW Student Edition for 6th -12th students make the SOW Curriculum easy for families to use.

  It is a goal oriented plan. The SOW Curriculum's emphasis is on acquiring wisdom not just knowledge from each subject by requiring each student to -- creatively think by asking questions, thoroughly research by providing good resources, then orderly communicate his conclusions through step by step writing lessons in light of God's Word.

  It is a comprehensive educational tool for learning. By utilizing good and accredited resources such as Christian and non-Christian textbooks, classics, biographies, concordances, dictionaries, and other references, the SOW Curriculum basically covers each subject required and more. (Math not included.)

  It is a guideline for parents on how to "school" their children at home from infant to adult. By encouraging the family to -- study the Bible, science and other subjects; manage the home, and participate in sports, coops, field trips, ministry, etc., "together", the SOW Curriculum unifies families.

  It is a six year course of study. After your family completes six years, the SOW Curriculum is designed to be used again making it a twelve year course of study.

  It is an excellent program for special needs or gifted child. Because the SOW Curriculum is non-graded and built on a philosophy of mastering skills, each student can achieve according to his God given potential.

  It is an economical plan for a family budget. The cost for using the SOW Curriculum, including resources, averages less than $100.00 per family per year for a K-12th education.






































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