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Consonant Sounds


Upper and lower case consonant flash cards or phonic pages in SOW
Marker or chalk board
Handwriting paper
Phonics worksheet
Construction paper


1. Oral Lesson: The teacher should point to the consonant (upper and lower case flash cards or phonic pages) and say the sentences below:

-"This is big___, little____." (Say the letter name. Make sure the student observes your lip, teeth, and     tongue positions and movements.)

-"It makes the sound of ____." (Say the phonics sound for only the first phonetic spelling.)

-"These are some words that begin with the letter _____." (As you read the word family list slowly, let the student repeat each word after you.)

-"Can you think of some other words that begin like_____." (Give him some hints; questions, objects, etc.)

Hint: Practice tracing or writing the letter using marker or chalk boards.

2. Writing: Use 1" handwriting paper (see Resource List: Penmanship).

-Student should print or trace the capital and lower case letter of the consonant at least five times neatly and correctly. The student should say the sound as he writes it. Let the student trace or copy one or two of the words in the family word list.

3. Phonics: Use Phonic A worksheet. (see Resource List : Reading).

-Let the students complete a phonic worksheet identifying the letter with the sound it makes. 

4. Spelling: Use scissors, paste, construction paper, and markers.

-Make a Picture Dictionary. (See Phonics: Extra Activities in SOW Curriculum for more learning activities) For example: If learning the letter B, let the student cut out a  round button shape from construction paper, then draw the button holes. Write the upper and lower case letters on top of the page and the word identifying the picture at the bottom of the page.

5. Bible Activity:

-Locate the key scripture verses in the scope and sequence: language arts. Open your Bible to the key scripture verses and let the student find any words that start with the letter or letters he is studying and point to them.

NOTE: For more activities such as songs, stories, and activities to do with each consonant. (see Resource List: Reading).

PHONIC                Cc



cat             cob              crust
cot             crib              crab
cast            cut               car



cent            cider              cease
cinder         city                Cindy


When a c comes before an e, i, or y, the c usually has the sound of s .

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