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  Our   Doctrinal Statement



We believe that the Bible is God's Word written down by faithful men through the Holy Ghost. Throughout the centuries, no other book has been read or quoted more than the Bible. A multitude of people have given up their lives-- have been sawn in two, burned at the stake, eaten by wild animals, buried alive, crucified on a cross, and killed by sword or gunfire, only so that they could keep and obey God's words. The Bible has been analyzed and studied by countless scholars. Millions of books have been written to expound on its meaning and to explain its structure. On the other hand, no other book has been hated or cursed upon more than the Bible. Many have tried to kill the word of God by burning it, misusing it, misquoting it, and not obeying it. 

The writings of this book all point to the central figure-- a holy, just, all powerful, eternal, omnipresent, faithful, merciful, good, and loving Creator, the Lord God.

The message is the same throughout the Bible. From beginning to end, it tells the story of God's love for man and God's provision to restore the broken relationship between man and Himself caused by man's sin and unbelief in God's Word.  

As seen in the Old Testament, year after year, a blood sacrifice of a perfect, male lamb was offered as an atonement (payment) for each man's sins. As told in the New Testament, the debt for our sins was paid once and for all through the sacrificial death on the cross of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, God's only Son. As prophesized in the Old Testament, Jesus Christ conquered sin and death by rising from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of the Father where He is awaiting the appointed time when He will come again. Jesus will not come as a servant but as a King to judge the living and the dead. 

There is a promise, to be reconciled with God, to live eternally in His kingdom, and to be His child, that is given to all those who believe and receive Jesus Christ as Savior (God's only provision to reconcile man to Himself). 

"And truly Jesus did many other signs in the presence of His disciples, which are not written in this book: but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in his name. " John 20: 30, 31

Note:  You might have heard this before, but knowing is not enough. You must individually respond to God's call to be reconciled through believing and receiving these truths...

Admit that you are a sinner (someone who is not holy and pure according to God's standards) who needs to be saved from the judgment (eternal death or separation from God to a fiery place called Hell) all sinners will receive for sins committed against a holy and just God.

Confess all your sins, attitudes, and actions that are displeasing to God, your Creator.

Denounce all other gods (money, power, habits, statues, rituals, demons, and any other created thing besides the Creator that you honor more than Him).

Acknowledge that Jesus Christ is God's Son, the perfect Lamb of God, who freely gave His life on the cross as payment for all your sins. He is the propitiation (the only one who could satisfy God's just nature that requires the guilty to be punished) for your sins.

Ask Jesus Christ to be your Savior (God's provision to reconcile man to Himself through Jesus's substitutional death on the cross thereby paying your debt (spiritual death or eternal separation from God) for all your sins committed past, present, and future)

Continually thank Jesus Christ  for dying on the cross for your sins, for sending the Holy Spirit (Spirit of God) to dwell inside you as confirmation that you have been redeemed (freed from the debt of sin) and you have been spiritually born again into God's family. Therefore, as a child of God, you are now entitled to receive every spiritual blessing (eternal life, a mansion in heaven, adopted child of God, spiritual gifts, etc.) 

Remember: This statement is true, "You have been saved by faith, not as a result of your works, that no man should boast."  This statement is true, also, "Faith without works is dead.". There is no contradiction in believing these two statements. Your faith has saved you, but the works you do, in the Spirit, prove that you are saved. Faith will always be accompanied by good works done in Christ for the glory of God. 

Note: Just as in physical birth, a new born baby grows; so we, also, spiritually grow as Christians. As acts of faith, the Bible commands all believers to ---

Baptize by water. Water Baptism is a physical demonstration of what God has already done spiritually through the Holy Spirit when you accepted Christ as your Savior.

Ask for Spiritual gifts. Ask God for the promised spiritual gifts (faith, healing, prophecy, teacher, wisdom, etc.) that will glorify (honor) Him. Use your spiritual gifts to do good works and edify and encourage the body of Christ.

Walk in the Spirit. Every time you choose to sin, you must confess your sin (attitude or action displeasing to God), and yield to Jesus Christ as Lord (King or ruler) by giving Him control over all areas (habits, goals, vocations, dreams, attitudes, relationships, etc.) of your life.

Study the Bible. Inductively study the Bible (King James, New Kings James, or original languages)  faithfully for more instructions on how to grow as a Christian and for answers to your questions such as church doctrines verses traditions of men, married or single life, finances, raising children, relationships, taxes, authorities, dress, attitudes, spiritual gifts, and past, present, and future events, etc..

Live by faith. Trust and obey  God's Word.

Pray to God. Talk to God by telling and asking Him anything, praising and worshipping Him, and repenting of your sins. Listen for His voice (inner voice) while meditating (thinking) on God's Words. Wait for His answer.

Fellowship with Believers. Meet regularly with other Christians who have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and who continually make Him Lord by walking in the Holy Spirit and living by faith in God's Word.

Make Disciples. Tell others that Jesus Christ is your Savior and teach them the truths of God's Word in Spirit and in love.

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