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*(CE) Dinosaurs by Design (Selection for SOW I)
Institute for Christian Research

*(E) Complete Book of Drawing (Selection for SOW I-VI)
(E) Make These Model Dinosaur (Selection for SOW I)
*(E) Complete Book of Calligraphy (Selection for SOW I-VI)
(E) Nativity Press Out Model (Selection for SOW I)
(E) Young Naturalist (Selection for SOW I) 
(E) Camping & Walking (Selection for SOW I) 
(E) 101 Things To Do With Your Computer  (Selection for SOW I-VI)
(E) The Usborne Book of Art Ideas (Selection for SOW I-VI)
(E) The Usborne Big Book of Paper Craft (Selection for SOW I-VI)
(E) The Usborne Beginners Cookbook (Selection for SOW I-VI)
(E) Making Models (Selection for SOW I-VI) 
Usborne books                                                                                                 

(CE) Jesse Tree (Selection for SOW I)
          Christian Book Distributors

(E) Discovering Great Artists (Selection for SOW I-VI)
God's World Book Club

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