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LESSON : Parts of Speech--Noun

RESOURCES: Bible, English Handbook with answer key


1. Using the index in your English handbook, locate the word "noun."

    a. Read the chapter on "nouns".
    b. Do the the exercises orally or written, then check your work. Note: If more than one or two wrong answers,         see your teacher for instructions.

2. Write the word "noun" on the first line of your paper. Skip a line and write the definition for noun.

3. See key scripture verses in the scope and sequence: language arts then write the scripture and its references.

4. Find all the nouns in the key scripture verses and underline each in pencil.

5. Write the nouns in a list.

6. Next to each noun, write whether the noun is a person, place, thing, or abstract.

7. In a third column, write what kind of noun; common or proper.

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