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Geography (alternates with Science & History)

LESSON : World Geography

RESOURCES : World Encyclopedia, Atlas


1.  Map:   Draw a world map on unlined paper. Using an atlas, locate and label: continents; oceans; and major seas, rivers, lakes, deserts, mountains, forest, grasslands, reefs, etc.. Draw a key indicating topography, a compass, and a scale converting miles to inches.

2.  Report: Write a report comparing world governments such as communism, tribal, republic, democracy, dictatorship, etc.. 

3.  Chart: Make a chart on  world religions such as Christian, Buddhism, Moslem, etc. indicating central figure, theology, and belief of eternal life.

 4.  Project: Make a passport and an airplane ticket to all seven continents. Make a map of your destination planning to stop in a specific city in all seven continents. Make a  tour guide or vacation diary of each particular place, illustrating and labeling--  foods eaten, places seen, dress of major ethnic group, style of homes, resources, animals, plants, religion, language, etc.

  5.  Skills: Using a world map, practice locating cities or countries, when given the longitude and latitude. Calculate the time for each country.

        Extra: Watch video or read book, Around the World in 80 Days.

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