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         *(CE) Old World Geography & New World Geography : SE Text & Maps (Selection for SOW I-VI) 
                   ABeka Publishers  


(E) Round the World Cookbook (Selection for SOW I-VI) 
(E) Round the World Songbook (Selection for SOW I-VI)
(E) Stories from Around the World (Selection for SOW I-VI)
(E) Usborne Book of World Wildlife (Selection for SOW I-VI)
(E) World Religions (Selection for SOW I-VI) 
(E) Flags Sticker Book (Selection for SOW I-VI)
(E) The Usborne Book of World Geography (Selection for SOW I-VI)
Usborne books

*(E) World Book Encyclopedia Books or CD (Selection for SOW I-VI) 
        World Book Encyclopedia

(E) Around the World Art & Activities by Judy Press
(E) The Complete National Geographic on CD-ROM
        Christian Book Distributors  

*(E) General World Maps: (30)  8x11 inch maps (Selection for SOW I) 
        Rod & Staff Publishers
: 1-606-522-4348

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