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History (alternates with Science & Geography)

LESSON:   World History

RESOURCES: World History, Timeline


1. Project: Make a world history timeline of Adam to Moses.

    a.     Purchase a large three-ring binder and fill it with heavy paper. (Optional: connect the ends with tape or             glue and fold the papers, like an accordion.)

     b.    Label each page at the top a certain time period. The timeline should include a page per millennium. For             example, the first page should cover from Adam to Noah. When you enter into the AD section of the             timeline, there should be a page marked for each century. The 19th century should have a page for each             decade.

     c.    Draw at least four different straight colored horizontal lines on each page-- the first for Biblical history; the             second for world events; the third for famous people; and the fourth for science, literature, and art.

     d.    Let the students label each line with major characters' name, birth and date of death and  major events as             they are studied over the years.

2. Biography: Write a biography of a famous person in history: include date and place of birth & death,  major events, occupation, contribution, character traits, other important facts.

3.  Activity: Play "Who am I?".

        List 5 important facts  (who, what, when, where, why, and how) about a person you have studied. Write         these into a riddle. For example. "This person tricked and was tricked. Tribes were made by his dozen. He was humbled in a wrestling match. Though a twin, he was different from the other. His name meant deceiver. Who am I?" Read one sentence of the riddle at a time. Others must guess who the riddle  is about before all the facts are read. Each riddle is worth 5 points. Take away a point for each fact that you         give. 

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