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LESSON: Poetry Lesson

RESOURCE: Refer to Yearly Scope & Sequence : Literature for selected poetry for this lesson.


1. Author:

    a. Write the title of the poem and the author's name on the first two lines.

    b.  List some important facts about the author.

2.  Poetry:

    b. Copy the first stanza of the poem. (Skip a line between each line of the poem.)

    c. At the end of each poetry line, locate and underline any words that rhyme. (Note: Not every poem rhymes.)

    d. Count the syllables in each line of the stanza and write the number of syllables next to the line. This is called         the rhythm of the poem. (Note: Not every poem has a rhythm.)

3. Vocabulary:

    a. Is there an important or repeated word in this poem? Locate this word in the dictionary.

    b. Write the word, phonetic spelling, and definition.

3. Comprehension:

    a. Write in a complete sentence what you think the lesson is to be learned or topic of this poem and why?

    b. Write two or three complete sentences explaining what the author is saying about this topic.

    c. Locate and write the lines from the poem that support your views.

    d. Use your concordance to find a scripture that summarizes what God thinks about this topic. Write the             scripture and its reference as your concluding sentence.

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