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Flash cards or  phonic pages
Phonic worksheet
Reader and workbook
Phonic scramble game
Lined paper
Marker board


1. Oral Lesson: Use flash cards or  phonic pages to do this exercise.

-Teacher points to the letters oi . Teacher says: "What sound does oi make?" Student says  the phonics sound   "oi "  three times. Note any rules that may be associated with this phoneme (see Phonic pages for individual phonic sounds).

2. Writing: Use 1/2 " writing paper (See Resource List : Writing).

-Read family words such as boil, oil, and toil..., etc. Pronounce each word slowly while the student writes each word. For example: Teacher says: "b" "oi" "l" . Student writes: boil .

3. Spelling: Students will use family words found on individual phonic page to do the next exercises.

-Write each family word on lined paper.

-Next to each word write the word's phonetic spelling.

-Write the rule for this phonic sound.

-Write a sentence with each family word.

4. Phonic: Use the Phonics B workbook  (see Resource List: Reading).

-For reinforcement, complete the phonic worksheet that correlates with today's lesson.

5. Reading Skills: (see Resource List: Reading)

-Have the student complete the lesson in the reader and workbook that correlates with the phoneme that you studied in today's lesson .

6. Extra Activity: Choose one of the suggested extra activities such as Phonic Scrabble. (See Phonics: Extra Activities in SOW Curriculum for more learning activities)

7. Bible Activity: Locate the key scripture verses for this week's Bible lesson in the scope and sequence : language arts and write the key scripture references on the top line. Open your Bible to the key scripture verses and find all the words that have the phonic sound you are studying and read each.

PHONIC                oi



oil                         boil                           coil
spoil                     join                           moist
icy                        toy                            boy


When an o is followed by an i or a y, the sound is oi.

If the oi sound is heard at the end of the word, it is spelled oy, not oi.

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