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New!!! SOW Skill Level Worksheets


By God’s grace, we graduated our last of five children in 2010, are in good reasonable health, and now have the time to mentor SOW families and update the SOW Curriculum.  One of these updates is the SOW Skill Level Worksheets for  K-5th & 6th-12th.

The SOW Skill Level Worksheets are ebooks (pdf secure email). Each level has instructions on how to use the worksheets, a suggested weekly schedule, table of contents, 30-40 worksheets, and Genesis 1 samples (Only samples for 6th -12th skill level are available now.).

The SOW Level Worksheets are designed to complement the SOW and make SOWing easy for students and teacher. There are worksheets for every subject...Prayer, Bible, English, Spelling, Penmanship, Foreign Language, Creative Writing, Literature, History, Science, & Geography; SOW does not include Math.  

The SOW Skill Level Worksheets are meant to be used according to each student's skill level, not necessarily age or grade level. This means every student can use any of the skill levels for any subject according to their God given abilities. This makes SOW perfect for all children including special needs. For example, a five year old or 5th grade student can use the …K-5th writing and the 6th-12th history worksheets.

To determine the student’s true grade level or skill level in each subject, SOW families are encouraged to use the Brigance Diagnostic Test recommended  in  the SOW or do your own simple testing by purchasing all the levels and let the student do all the different level worksheets in a specific subject starting with the lowest level. The teacher/parent should be able to determine the student's frustration, instructional, or independent skill level in any specific subject. After explaining and demonstrating to the student once how to do the worksheet, If the student finds the skills and concepts difficult to comprehend and shows signs of frustration or confusion this is probably his frustration level. When the student is capable of understanding concepts and skills, but clearly needs teacher instruction and repetitive practice, this is the student's instructional skill level. The student, who demonstrates mastery completing the worksheet easily and quickly is an independent learner in this level and should work in a more advanced level, You want to find the student's instruction skill level for every subject or SOW worksheet. 

How to select the correct skill level?  I have included one sample from each skill level and a sample from the teacher and student edition. Basically the k-5th skill level requires drawing, one word or sentence answers and the 6th-12th require sentence or paragraph answers.

Note: We do have a new advanced SOW Skill Level Worksheet with Genesis 1 samples for  9th-12th students, who have at least SOWed for a year. These students are expected to use multi-skills learned in previous levels and answer with sentences, paragraph, or essay. If interested in these Skill Level Worksheets contact Merle Reece.

*SOW Teacher & Student Editions (6th-12th) Topical study Lesson sample

*New...SOW Skill Level Worksheet K-5th sample

*New...SOW Skill Level Worksheet 6th-12th sample

Note: The TE & SE  are required purchases to use the SOW. Though highly recommended, the SOW Skill Level Worksheets are optional purchases.

How to order the SOW Skill Level Worksheets? Each family should order the SOW skill level worksheets according to these age-grade levels...ages 5-10 =K-5th & ages 11-17= 6th-8th.

Exception: If your student, when tested, is working at a different grade or skill level for his age due to special needs and God given abilities.  We believe, all God given abilities are for God's glory and it is to the student's advantage that the parent/teacher seek out the student's instruction level for all subjects making learning a joy not a burden.

The SOW Student Skill Level Worksheets are new and being tested (beta version) and updated continuously as we get feedback from SOW users. Therefore, we are offering these worksheets at a special price with a guarantee of free updates  and a reduced price when published, if you send us your  comments, ideas, etc.  concerning each worksheet’s … subject content, implementation, skill level, Biblical view, etc. to Merle Reece,   merle@sowcurriculum.com .

May God Bless, Merle Reece

Please pray for grace to publish these SOW updates soon: SOW Skill Level... instructional DVDs, 4 year scope & sequences, resource links, & TE/SE lessons

Please contact me, if you have any SOW related questions on ordering, implementing, resources, co-ops, workshops, etc. …   1-225-590-3444 or merle@sowcurriculum.com .

Check the author’s blog weekly for current articles http://sowcurriculum.com/blog/

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