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By Gods grace, David and I  graduated our last of five children in 2010, and now have the time to mentor SOW families and update the SOW Curriculum. One of these updates is the SOW K-5th and 6th-12th Skill Level Worksheets.

Each of these sets contain worksheets for every  K-12th SOW subject and are designed to complement any SOW edition and make SOWing easy for both student and teacher. These worksheets use repeated analytical questions that require the students to find the truth and answer thoroughly and clearly according to their God given abilities. This makes SOWing  perfect for all children including special needs.

We are frequently asked these questions concerning the worksheets What is the difference between each skill level and the student edition lessons and is the purchase of the student edition for 6th-12th  and the 6h-12th Skill level worksheets each necessary? To answer the these  questions, I have included a sample lesson from each skill level and the student edition.

*Advanced- 9th-12th grade students who have used the SOW for at least a year.    

**This SE lesson is for the 6th-12th students; the TE lesson is for the teacher to instruct K-5th students.                                                                                                                 

Basically, the difference is that the K-5th skill level will need teacher instruction and supervisionl the skills required can be oral, drawn, or written one word or sentence answers. The 6th-12th worksheets will expect the student to be  independent using research skills and answering analytical questions with sentences or paragraphs. And yes, both are necessary, if you have 6th-12th students. Each student can cross multi-levels; for example, a five year old can use the K-5th writing and the 6th-12th history worksheets.

Each SOW skill level set of worksheets is a PDF file delivered by secure email and will include instructions, a suggested weekly schedule, table of contents, and 35-45 worksheets with Genesis 1 samples.  

These new beta (testing phase) SOW  skill level worksheets are being updated continuously as we get feedback from SOW users. Therefore, we are offering these worksheets at a special price with a guarantee of free or discounted updates of these materials, Please send comments concerning these worksheets subject content, skill level, implementation, Biblical view, etc. to Merle Reece.

If you have any questions ordering, implementing, etc., contact us  by email merle@sowcurriculum.com or phone #1-225-590-3444.




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