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For more detailed information about the SOW Curriculum, see the FAQ page.

What To Order:   

  Every family, regardless of your children's ages and abilities, must order the SOW Teacher Edition (TE) and Resource Edition (RE)  I. 
  Volumes 2-6 Supplement Volume I.
  We recommend all families use the SOW Curriculum in order as written I, II, III, IV, V, VI


  If your family has already purchased SOW I, then order the SOW Volume II-VI set.

  If your family has an older student who will not be able to complete all six years of SOW,  then we recommend purchasing and using SOW I, first. Then purchase SOW II-VI (set), but use SOW IV, then V, then VI (New Testament books).

  If you purchase SOW I-VI (2 sets), your family may use any of the volumes in any sequence substituting all resources, scope & sequences, lessons, and subjects as needed. (cf. general six year scope & sequence for more details). 

NOTE on Student Edition: 

Order the Student Edition for each child if:
  Your child is an independent reader (person who can read the Bible and follow written instructions)
  Your child is capable of 6th -12th grade skills.

IMPORTANT Student Edition Policy:
  When you buy one of any SOW SE, you have our permission to copy as many as you need for family members only. 
  SOW Student Editions are sold only to those who have purchased SOW Teacher Editions.     

Shipping and handling

*10% of subtotal.
*Minimum $5 for USPS priority mail.

Free Offers

  The SOW Audio CD is free with purchase of the SOW Teacher Edition I (2 volumes)
  The SOW Resource CD is free with the purchase of SOW Teacher Editions I-VI (2 sets). 
EXPIRED: Limited time offer: The 30 reproducible K-5th  (or nonreader /  instructional reader) worksheets  will be included, free of charge, in SOW TE I.  :   follow link below for new offer -   


1. Money Order: (No Checks) Please send total payment with order form (no phone orders) to:

(Printer friendly version)

Make payment payable to: SOW Curriculum.

2. Online Payment: Debit, Credit, PayPal

Secure online payment

           (Priority Mail: delivery 7-10 days)

Returns: Guaranteed money back (less shipping & handling), if returned in good condition (for resell) within thirty days. Call for Return Merchandise  Authorization  Number. (RMA#)  

Additional Resources:   The resources recommended to be used with each subject in the SOW Curriculum are not included in the SOW Curriculum. These are sold separately by various vendors and publishers.  Each SOW Teacher Edition includes a recommended resource list with contact information.

Special Financing specialfinance@sowcurriculum.com

Special Financing.

***Send us 40% of the subtotal for SOW materials purchased and 10% of the subtotal for shipping & handling cost. If after 30 days examination, you decide to keep the SOW Curriculum, you automatically agree to pay us $25.00 per month till paid in full, no interest.         

*** Special financing for those in financial need by request, only:

Purchasing questions call 1-888-567-7771 or orders@sowcurriculum.com

Consulting: Consulting@sowcurriculum.com


EXPIRED: Limited time offer: If you want to order only the (K-5th) reproducible  worksheets for nonreaders / instructional readers, please send $20.00 (shipping & handling included)Only for registered users of the SOW Curriculum. Available on SOW Resource CD only.


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