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LESSON: Praise Letter


Song book
Prayer Diary


1. P  is for "Praise" (Let everything that has breath praise the Lord " Psalm 150). Write a "praise" letter to God using the format below.

2. The greeting: Start your letter with "Dear (Choose any name for God that is found in the Bible.) Make sure you put a comma after your greeting. Skip a line before writing the body of the letter.

3. The body: Make sure you indent before writing this paragraph. Think about what you have learned about God this week and answer the following statements in complete sentences:

   a. Praise Him for who He is.

    b. Praise Him for what He has done.

    c. Praise Him for what He is going to do.

4. The closing: Finish your letter to God by telling Him you love Him, then sign your name. Make sure you put a comma between your statement of love to God and your name.

5. Talk: Now, talk to God and tell Him how much you worship and adore Him by reading your prayer to Him.

6. Song: Complete your prayer time with a song of praise, such as "To God Be The Glory" (see songbook).

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