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SOW Resource List 


The resource list is a selected list of resources such as textbooks, references, videos, software, etc recommended and required for use with the SOW Curriculum. We have used, successfully, many of these specific resources with our family.  For example, Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation is recommended, as a resource to be used in science, SOW I. Other specific resources have been selected to use with every subject.  

   The curriculum uses text books and other resources, as references for accumulating facts, ideas, and information to complete each assignment. We are much more concerned with the content and Biblical correctness of the resources, than it's grade level. Though the SOW Curriculum is a non-graded or multileveled curriculum, we have suggested resources, families can use according to grade levels; K-5th, 6th-12th, or K-12th. It is best, if you choose resources according to skills and abilities of the child, not by grade level or age.

   An asterisk (*) symbolizes the selected resources recommended to use with each subject. Other resources with no asterisk are optional. The symbol (C) next to the resource means, it is a Christian resource, and an (E) indicates the resource has educational value, but not Christian. 

     If for any reason, you can not purchase the resources recommended, you may substitute any of the resources with your own selections. 

Note: these resources are not provided, when you purchase the SOW Curriculum. Contact information, on how to order these resources, is included  the SOW Curriculum Teacher Editions for each volume

    The higher level resources are recommended; because, they contain more information, than lower graded resources. To meet standards for age segregated classroom use, textbooks are watered down. Since we believe God is the designer for each one of our children, we have left it to the Holy Spirit to determine how much information, each of our children will understand and remember. If our five year old has been given the ability to grasp the same amount of material on any subject, as a 13 or 17 year old, why not let him? This kind of education isn't new, it was just lost, when "education" became mandatory for all. Some of the resources have been labeled by grades. Resources should be determined by skill level and content, rather than grade level.

     The resource list is by no means exhaustive. We encourage the user to become familiar with the library and use its valuable resources. Caution! Remember that most of the writers are secular in their thinking, so be very selective. Check each book by skimming through the pages, especially the beginning and the end. Older books are generally conservative books and written with some spiritual emphasis.

    Since public libraries do not carry Christian material, it is a good idea to start investing in a library at home. The cost for SOW  materials may be high at first. But once, you have purchased the resources needed such as a Bible, concordance, atlas, dictionary, etc., these will be used for 12 years by each of your students. This type of investment ends up being the most economical way to homeschool. Compare prices! Most textbook curriculums cost $500.00 or more per year per student, other multileveled curriculums cost around $500.00 per year per family. The SOW Curriculum averages $50.00 per family per year for K-12th.

Note:    Resources listed may not adhere to the same beliefs as the authors, but are still recommended; because, most of its contents were considered valuable. Each family is responsible to examine the contents for any false or misleading statements.



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