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Why should Christian families homeschool? Also, doctrinal statement and more. 
The authors of the SOW Curriculum, David and Merle Reece, will explain why & how they homeschool their family of five children. Also, family pictures and more.
Homeschooling families give a brief testimony of why they use the SOW Curriculum.
This section describes the unique characteristics of the SOW Curriculum.
A general description of the SOW Curriculum materials for students K-12th is presented.
    Six Year Scope & Sequence:
This section gives a general description of the SOW Curriculum's six year course of study in Bible; Science, Geography, & History; Creative Writing; and Electives. English, Reading, Writing, and Spelling are mastered by repetitive use of  these basic skills.
    Chart Samples:
These charts were designed to teach our children stewardship and discipleship skills. These filled in charts are samples of how we have used these charts in our home. Master charts are available in the SOW curriculum.
    (K-5th) Worksheets: 
Only 5 examples of these worksheets are shown. There are 30 reproducible worksheets to be used by nonreaders and instructional readers or K-5th graders: (4)Geography, (4)History, (4) Science, (6) Creative Writing, (1) Prayer, (1) Penmanship/Memory Verse, (7) Bible Study Method, & (3) Literature.
    (6th-12th) Lessons:
The first lesson of each subject in the SOW Student Edition I is available to examine.
A holistic program which includes reading, reading skills, writing, spelling, and English skills. There is an example of two of the SOW Curriculum's four phonics lessons-- Consonant Sounds and More Sounds.
    Student Samples:
These pages are individual samples of our children's weekly school work using the Nonreader/Instructional (K-5th) reproducible worksheets and the Student Edition for independent readers (6th-12th).
    Resource List:
This is a recommended resource list for each subject to use specifically with the SOW Curriculum. Only resources recommended for SOW I  are shown.  Information for each recommended resource is in the SOW Curriculum TE.
Most frequently asked questions about the SOW Curriculum are answered.
    Order Form:
For pricing information or to order any SOW materials.
    SOW Conference:
If your interested in attending or hosting a SOW seminar or conference in your area, see this page.
    SOW Representative:
Please see this page, if you desire to contact a SOW Representative in your area or you are a SOW user and would like to be a SOW representative in your area.
Note: Topics included in the SOW Curriculum such as apprenticeship, check out skills, evaluating & testing, etc. are not available for viewing on the web. Full examination of the SOW Curriculum for 30 days with a  money back guarantee is available only by purchasing the material. See Order Form.


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