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SOW Representative Agreement Form

P.O. Box 680 
Tylertown, MS 39667

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-To share a vision for discipleship not just education to Christian families.
-To equip homeschool families with a cost efficient, easy to use, educational curriculum for children K- 12th grade.
-To explain how to use the Bible as the main text for all the major subjects except math.
-to encourage families to focus on God's word for the purpose of knowing God.
-To teach others that there is hope in Jesus Christ and life through His Word.
-To bless and be blessed-- A blessing to others because there is peace and unity in a home as a result of meditating on God's word (Psalms 1) and we're blessed because "a laborer is worthy of his wages" and we are the messengers of "good news".


-SOW representative (SR) should see himself as an ambassador of Christ first; therefore he must be a professing Christian, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, embracing the Bible as the word of God, and in good standing with the Christian church and local community.

-A person interested in becoming a SOW representative must read, fill out, and sign the SOW Representative's (SR's) form. Attach a written testimony stating how you became a Christian, Why are you homeschooling, why are you using the SOW Curriculum, and why do you want to distribute the SOW Curriculum. (Brief statements only) Send to the SOW office for approval.

Optional: Please send a family picture, so we can add you to our family prayer box. -The spouse and children living as a family will be regarded as one representative. The spouse must give consent to the arrangements and sign the SOW Representative's Agreement form.

-SOW Office reserves the right to deny or approve any application sent. If application for SOW representative is denied or approved, a letter will be sent notifying applicant of the decision.

-Immediately upon receiving the approval letter and personalized SOW brochure for distribution, the SOW representative may officially begin advertising, selling, and distributing SOW materials.


-The SOW representative will be considered self employed not an employee of SOW.
-The position of SOW representative does not imply a franchise and no fees will be required for application.
-The SOW representative will build and maintain his own business at no expense to SOW Curriculum.
-The SOW representative is responsible for all local, state, and federal taxes and/ or licenses required by his local situation. SOW has no responsibilities to inform him of any such local requirements.
-The SOW is not responsible for any tax liabilities due to earned income.
-The SOW representative is not allowed to sell the SOW Curriculum to or through any retail store without prior written permission from SOW Office.
-SOW representative must agree to use only official company literature and advertising; other literature and advertising must have prior written permission from SOW.
-No SOW materials may have their labels or contents changed in any manner without written permission from SOW.
-The SOW representative may terminate this agreement at any time by giving written notice to the SOW office, likewise the SOW office may terminate this agreement at any time by giving written notice to the SOW representative.
-If two or more SOW representatives are working together, the commission for sales of SOW materials should be divided equally as agreed upon prior to the sale. If there is any conflict with another SOW representative in your area, practice the rule, "Love your neighbor as yourself". Call the SOW office for advise.
representative must understand that SOW will terminate a representative's agreement if the SOW Curriculum is misrepresented by the image or purpose of SOW Curriculum, or for violations of any rules. This will be done by written notice to the SOW representative.
-Please notify SOW office prior to sale of any business transactions outside of the United States. Prices for shipping and handling cost may change.
-Special financing is available only with permission from the SOW office.

Note: SOW representative will not receive a commission on any SOW materials bought by special financing.


-The SOW Representative will receive a personalized SOW brochure (order form) that can and may be copied and distributed as the SOW Representative desires.

Note: To receive credit on any sales, the customer must send the personalized SOW brochure (SOW brochure with SOW Representative's address) along with full payment to the SOW office, no exceptions.

-When we receive a SOW order with full payment, the SOW representative (name indicated on the SOW Representative brochure) will receive 20% commission on all SOW materials sold.

Exception: SOW representatives will not receive any commission for those customers who call and ask for special financing or any customer who has not paid the full amount.

-Payment to all SOW representatives will be made within 8 weeks of all sales allowing time for 4 weeks delivery of SOW material to the customer and 4 weeks to assure the customer our promise of money back if not satisfied with purchase. date determined by the date indicated on the postage on order form.

-The SOW office will send an invoice copy to the customer along with the SOW materials ordered within six weeks of receiving the order. SOW office will keep the original invoice for SOW records. A third copy of the invoice will be sent to the SOW Representative with payment.

-The SOW office will be responsible for packaging and mailing SOW material directly to customers within 4 weeks of receiving the order and payment of SOW materials.

-Of course, all the brochures that you give or mail out that you can not validate will be entrusted to our faithfulness and integrity. If you feel that a mistake has been made, please fill free to ask about it. We are not perfect, and a mistake could have been made in the adding of a figure or the forgetting to file, so please for the Kingdom of God's sake let us strive to be open & honest with one another.

-The SOW will pay 30% commission for all SOW Curriculum materials sold at a convention or book fair. Copy of the convention's acceptance notice, that indicates amount paid to reserve space and date received, and all the SOW orders with payment from the convention should be sent in to the SOW office so delivery of order may be fulfilled, as soon as possible. Keep records of each of the orders placed at a convention or seminar by copying the order forms and checks. If given cash, indicate that on the brochure. Call to see we have received these orders.

Suggested ideas on how to distribute the SOW:

-All SOW Representatives must have a SOW Curriculum set (Teacher Edition, Resource Edition, Student Edition), SOW video and/or SOW audio tape to show interested families.

-Freely lend or place a refundable deposit on the SOW video tapes and /or SOW Curriculum set . Permission is given to copy the SOS newsletter and SOW audio tape to give freely with a SOW brochure.

-Attend homeschool fairs and conferences. Usually this requires a registration fee for a booth space, so to cover cost of fees required, SOW will pay 30% commission on all SOW sales made at conventions or conferences that require a fee. A copy of the convention registration fee and/or conference confirmation notice must be included with any SOW orders to receive this 30% commission. Call SOW office to guarantee that there will be only one representative attending the same conference. Write to your state homeschool representatives for homeschool conference information or see Teaching Home magazine.

-Place an ad in a homeschool newsletter, magazine, or other. To make sure there is only one SOW representative using that advertisement, permission from the SOW office is required. Also, a personalized SOW ad will be needed to assure credit of SOW materials to you.

-Host an informal two hour presentation of the SOW Curriculum in your home or local support group meetings.

-share, anytime and anywhere it is appropriate-- about what is happening in your home as a result of being in God's word. When others visit your home show them your children's workbooks. You will find it easy to bring up SOW, if they see your enthusiasm and can see positive changes in your family life.

-Hand out SOW order forms at malls, stores, etc. Get permission from property owners.

-Host a SOW Seminar in your area and earn 20% of sales. We are available as speakers on topics such as Father's Role as Prophet, Caretaker, Shepherd, Priest, Head, etc.; Biblical Vision Vs World Vision; How to use the Bible as the main text,; Discipleship: More than just character study; Stewardship: time, Home, & Money; How to teach your children to read; Mastering skills in Spelling, Writing, English & Literature; Learning Science, Geography, & History with a Purpose; etc. Please call or write to make arrangements in advance. There should be at least 5-10 interested families in your area committed to hosting a SOW Seminar. There is no cost; except, room and board be provided for our family . (See SOW Seminar Brochure).

Attention: Please read, fill out, sign the SOW Representative Agreement Form (SRAF), and attach other required information; then send it all to the SOW office. We will send a copy of the entire (SRAF) with approval signatures upon acceptance as a SOW Representative with a personalized SOW Representative Form for distribution. Send SOW Representative Agreement Form (SRAF) to SOW CURRICULUM P.O. Box 680 Tylertown, MS 39667. Answer each question below with a brief statement, attach it to this form, and send it along with the SRAF to the SOW office. If any question does not pertain to your situation briefly explain why not?

-How did you become a Christian?

-Why are you homeschooling?

-Why are you using the SOW Curriculum?

-Why do you want to distribute the SOW Curriculum?


Name: ______________________________Name of Spouse: ________________________________

Street Address: _____________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip Code: ________________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________ Fax:_____________________ E-mail:______________________

Children: ___________________________________________________________________________


We / I have read and agree with all the statements as outlined in the SOW Representative Agreement, concerning the responsibilities and relations as a SOW Representative of the SOW Curriculum.

Representative's Signature: _____________________________________Date: __________________

Spouse's Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: __________________

.........................OFFICE ONLY................................

We have approved _______________________________________ request to be a SOW Representative and have included with this copy of the SOW Representative Aggreement Form a personalized SOW brochure in which the (SR) may copy and distribute immediately upon receiving this approval statement.

Approval signature:____________________________________________ Date:__________________

Approval signature:____________________________________________ Date:__________________