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LESSON : Alphabetical Order

Bible, Dictionary, English handbook


1. See key scripture verses in the scope and sequence : language arts for this week's English lesson. Write the scripture references on the next line of your page.

2. Dictate key scripture verses. Spelling words are those missed from this week's dictation of the key scripture verses or choose words from the key scripture verses or other.

Write the spelling words in the left column, skipping a line per word.

4. Next to the spelling words, write the words in alphabetical order.

NOTE: Use your English handbook to locate the rules on alphabetizing words. Remember the key to alphabetizing is to look at the beginning of the word. If the beginning letter is the same as another word, note the second letter of each word and put each word in alphabetical order according to the second letter. If the first and second letters are the same, then look at the third letter. This principle continues until all the words are in alphabetical order.

For example: ape, apple, ate, be

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