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SOW Testimonies


Katie & Chavanne
Randy & Nanette Fontenot

Siberia, Russian missionaries

         "Greetings from Kemerovo, Siberia! My daughters have been using the SOW curriculum for the past 4 years. We have so enjoyed using this curriculum. My husband, Randy, has gotten many messages he has preached to the congregation from our daily devotional time. It has been so special for all of us! We introduced the Bible part of the curriculum into our drug rehab ministry. They loved it! I had them drawing the pictures for the narrative outline (many of them have a great talent!), and doing the topic and character studies. This really began to help them study their Bibles. One of the leaders is especially interested in teaching this, so this has been a great blessing for them. They have been doing it at the rehab in a village about 2 hours away from us. I hope to get it going with the rehab here in the city -Kemerovo ! So, God is using the curriculum all over the world! Thank you for all your sacrifice and all you have done for the kingdom of God! God's greatest blessings to you and your family!"


Timothy, Matthew & Andrew

Peter & Janice DeMichele

Pukalani, Hawaii

         "Last year I was excited to find the curriculum I thought would be good for my son, Timothy. When I sat down to review it with my husband, Pete,  I discovered that his plan for educating our children was different than mine. His desire was for our children to learn the word of God and have a strong faith in God. Well, I was stunned! I was excited that my husband cared and had strong convictions for the direction our family would take, but, now, I needed to do more research. What I had chosen did not have a Biblical focus at all.  A good friend who uses the SOW Curriculum showed me the material. We like the fact that our family studies all of  the Bible. We feel strongly about the need to train our children in God's Word and we believe that schooling is more than just knowing the facts."



 Rachael, Nathan, Jonathan, & Meredith

Lavon & Jessica Welch

Covington, Louisiana

           " We have been using the SOW Curriculum for seven years. It has unified our family because of our increased focus on the Word of God.  The pressure of learning the 'academics' usually crowded out Bible, prayer, and ministry; but the SOW Curriculum has given our family the opportunity to disciple our children while meeting the required educational standards in each subject. Our success in homeschooling lies in the fact that we are in the Word of God continuously. "

Jemma, 10, Jordan, 8, Bethany, 5, Heidi, 3, Kimberley, 1 and Brady Jon 

Hayden & Rhonda Gillie

Kyabram, Victoria, Australia.

     "We appreciate the flexibility and adaptability the SOW Curriculum provides. We, also, appreciate the informal and profitable family time spent in our devotions.  Through quality time spent as a family, the SOW Curriculum helps us see God's viewpoint and the Bible's relevancy and absoluteness.   This Bible centered curriculum makes our faith in God central to our children's daily lives."



Candace, Theresa, & Bobby Joe

  Gary & Michelle Cooper
St Anne, Illinois



Katie, Stephanie, & Kristen

Peggy & Tim Stoll



   Danielle, Stephen, Michael, Benjamin, Deborah, New Baby 

Bill & Chris Robinson  
Pensacola, Florida 

     "We believe the Bible is the beginning of all knowledge and true wisdom. A thorough study of the Bible is what our children's education has been missing. Not only do we have an intense desire to see more discipleship in our own family, but also in the body of Christ. Most people do know know how to study God's Word effectively. Though many churches have wonderful teaching ministries, they fail to teach Christian's how to study and interpret the Bible for themselves. We feel that the SOW Curriculum does this. We are excited to share the discipleship and Bible study aspects of the SOW Curriculum with others, including non-homeschooling families."

Mahalia, Samuel, Sarah, & Jeremiah

James & Michel McNamee

     "We are home schooling our children because God has given my husband and I a mandate to feed our children from the Tree of Life. We felt this could only be done at home in HIS WORD. SOW is the most awesome tool we have found to help us do that. We are using the SOW because God said to use it. Though I had already purchased everything I intended to use for homeschooling, one day as I was browsing through the "Teaching Home" magazine. When I cam upon the page where there was a SOW ad, I heard in my spirit, " This is the curriculum I (GOD) want you to use." We believe SOW is an awesome tool to disciple our children and raise up godly seed."


Jonathan, Timothy, Josiah, Peter, & Kirsten
Trevor & Carolyn Wallis


          "We have been homeschooling for 10 years and have used many different curriculums; but, this one meets our needs and touches our heart's desire unlike any other.  It is not just Bible based but Bible centered. We are studying God's Word and world in a systematic, chronological, and inductive way. The SOW Curriculum is not just Bible based, it is Bible centered. It's easy independent, student format allow the older students to work on their own. This is very important when you have younger children that require direct teaching." 

Rachel, Hailey, Caleb, & Amy  
David & Nancy Scarbrough


           "The SOW Curriculum is an answer to our prayer. It is challenging, but not difficult to follow. The charts and suggestions for organizing are very helpful. It has structure; yet, it can also be flexible. After homeschooling for ten years, we can finally say we have found the curriculum that teaches and disciples our children the way we have wanted for so long."

Gena, Nate, & Leei

Mrs. Grace William



"Because each lesson in the SOW Curriculum is a specific skill focused on the Bible, we are not being influenced by denominational thinking, but allowing God to teach us the truth."

Ewings.jpg (8010 bytes)

Nathaniel, Luke, & Amanda
Danny & Gail Ewing


           "One of the main reasons we have enjoyed the SOW Curriculum is because all the subjects (math not included) are centered on the Word of God. This has helped us to apply the Word of God to our lives in a very practical and living way. This was something we had been trying to achieve for years."


Melanie, Stephanie, Greg, & Emily
Beverly & John Rdzok


          "We are so excited about the SOW Curriculum. It has had a purifying effect on our family as we study the Word of God. It also provides many  opportunities to share about the Lord, when people, naturally curious, ask about homeschooling. "

Callie, Andrew, Grace, Timothy,  & Sarah
          Patti & Eric Campbell


          "Using the SOW Curriculum has blessed our family; because, we have been able to center our education around the Word of God."


Daniel, Brittany, Natalie, & Andrew
Michelle & David McGehee


        "We love the SOW Curriculum! We have finished all six years of the SOW Curriculum. God has revealed Himself, as we studied His Word; and, we are seeing spiritual fruit in the lives of our children."

Michael, Olivia, Victoria, Gabriel, John, Noah, Judah, & Kezia

Stephen & Chrissi Stauffer

Maggie, Keeley, Rebecca

Gabby & Paul Knapp




Hannah, Caleb & Elizabeth

Jay & Katie Johnson


Jessica, Charlie, & Michael

 Scott & Lee Pyles

Cameroon, Africa Missionaries


Michael, Olivia, Victoria, Gabriel, John, Noah, Judah, & Kezia

Stephen & Chrissi Stauffer

Joseph is in his third year of SOW and still loves it. (We do three semesters a year rather than two so he can do six SOW years in four). I think the value of something only becomes apparent with time. Now that Joe has been using the curriculum for some time, we can see the great benefits and value of SOW. Recently we had a visit from a government inspector who gave Joe an excellent report, far beyond what we could have expected. Joe loves SOW and would not consider using anything else. He is drawing nearer to the Lord and in his love and understanding of the Word each day. SOW is a blessing to us, my wife Caroline teaches most. I prepare Science/Geog/His. Joe does most things himself, The English National Curriculum could never have inspired him to write, think, study and express himself the way SOW has. It truly is an anointed work. Thank you for your obedience and diligence in writing it and praise God for his anointing and leading.

 The Bateman's

Bradford, England

Joshua, Nicholle, Chris, Heather, & Kaity 

Rich & Mary MacKean


Last summer as I worked in our garden, God impressed on my heart that our homeschool needed to be more God centered. I attempted to write my own curriculum using the Bible as the main textbook. But it was a lot of work along with my regular routine.

Frustrated, I was searching the web and punched in Christian homeschool curriculum. There it was! The program that I had been looking for SOW (Student OF the Word).

"This is our second week using the SOW and we LOVE it! My 8th grader feels challenged and loves the work. My 3rd grader is really having fun also. I have really noticed a change being In The Word for our schooling, attitudes are better and all is calmer. This will be the only curriculum in our home for the remainder of our children's education. I cannot thank you enough for your hard work. 

 God Bless You and Your Precious Family!"


   "I see now that my fear of failure as a teacher has been replaced by something far worse. My concentration on academics has drawn me away from the God I love. It was fear that caused me to turn away from SOW to more academics and character building programs. When I used the SOW, my son was learning God's word. It was central to everything I taught. Now, even though I use the Bible on occasions, it is no longer the main focus. Teaching this way makes me feel very hollow inside. I am planning to use the SOW again. I thank God for the SOW Curriculum and for sending us such diligent workers  for Christ's body."   Waneece

"Sow is really great! We were looking for something to supplement our curriculum, because I felt that we were missing out on the Bible, even though our curriculums were Christian-based. Then we found SOW and ended up switching totally. The difference is that SOW is totally based on the Bible. Everyday we are reading the Bible, praying together, praising God, and thinking and writing about the things of God. It starts in Genesis and ends (eventually) in Revelation. We are still in Genesis, but we are having the best time studying Creation in great detail, and seeing how ridiculous and unscientific evolution really is. The extra resources that are recommended are excellent -very informative and interesting for both my 13 and 6 year olds. My 13 year old and I are having great conversations like never before. She especially loves SOW. I didn't know if she would switch very happily as she was using the Far Above Rubies curriculum and liked it's emphasis on Godly womanhood. But after "trying" SOW for one day, she was thrilled. I love that we are studying the same things at the same time, and it also has gotten us into having a more regular family devotion time, with each child sharing something that they have been doing and learning in SOW. The daily report of quality and attitude on each part of the day has been very helpful with our 6-year-old. It helps to point out to us, and to him, areas that need work, and areas that need prayer. Having these reports also gets my husband more involved, because he reviews the reports individually with each child before bed. If you have specific questions, please ask. I can't recommend this highly enough! Every homeschooling family should be using SOW! One of the other nice features is that it doesn't specifically teach "doctrine". It teaches you to read God's Word, study it, pray for wisdom and let the Word reveal itself to you. There is so much division between different "churches", conservative, evangelical, Pentecostal, or charismatic. I don't even know all the different labels. But this curriculum works regardless of your personal beliefs. You are free to choose your own commentary and draw your own conclusions based on your own study of the Word. The curriculum has also helped our family to be scheduled and organized, which I never thought would happen. God Bless!"


"This will be our first year to use the SOW Curriculum. We have been praying for God's leading all last year. My prayer was for God to:

1. Choose the curriculum He desired for our family.

2. Link us to other homeschool families of like vision.

Praise God, we believe He has done just that with the SOW Curriculum. We belong to CHEF (Christian Home Educators Fellowship) of Baton Rouge. Our president's family, Bobby & Sherry Arnold, have used SOW for 7 years. During last year Sherry would talk to us about discipling vs educating our children. This spoke to my spirit, but I was nervous about changing to this method of teaching. Would the children get a sound education? Would I be able to be disciplined enough to use it effectively, etc? God has assured me that it is only by His hand that His desire for our children can be accomplished. His word says to seek His Kingdom first and His righteousness and He will add everything else.

Last Saturday, we attended an all day seminar at the Reece's home and we were so blessed by the testimonies of families who had been using the SOW. What struck me was that it was a family testimony in every case, not just mom and the kids. Each testimony was of how God had brought the family together and how each member had grown in relationship with the Lord and each other. Yes, there were struggles, but God had made them overcomers. And when high school was finished the children knew God and His Word and was seeking His direction for their lives. I was so encouraged. I heard so many discussions last year about ways to perform like the school system. But God has lead us away from discussions like, 'how to have better test scores than the schools?' What is important to God? He will cause our children to excel where He has gifted them and is going to use them. But, to fulfill His purpose in their lives, our children must know their Lord and Savior intimately, know who they are in Christ, and be obedient to His leading and His Word. We can try to fulfill the Great Commission by going into all the world, but fail if we don't disciple our own children. Someone said this (and it struck a chord with me) "Knowledge changes, but Wisdom endures." I want my children to be filled with God's Wisdom. 

Now don't get me wrong, the materials and resources recommended by the Reece's are high quality materials academically. Pray about what God would have you to do. God bless you and your family." Darlene M.  




 "I thank the Lord for His Son, Jesus Christ, for our family, for the Reeces, and for SOW! I love this Bible centered curriculum! This week we are going through lesson # 9   (Genesis 18-20). I've started a list of eye openers. We didn't know that Adam was still alive when Methuselah was born or that Methuselah was Noah's grandfather or that Noah had 3 sons.  There are still dragon lizards on the Island of Komodo,  Ham was the father of the Canaanites, or that Nimrod built the tower of Babel ... My list could go on and on. And I was a "missionary kid"! I even purchased another copy of Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation for our public library. I am really looking forward to our 2nd year of SOW!"



"Four years ago I started using the SOW, but I became so burned out with home school. Recently, through the leading of the Lord, I met someone using the SOW. She refreshed my memory about the curriculum. So, I pulled out all of my stuff from 4 years ago and I realized how much I had done using the SOW. We started using the language arts part of Sow again a few months ago. It was easy to jump back into it. Well, school is now fun again. The boys love it and we have had the best time starting each day with our SOW bible lessons. I am so thankful!! I have also shared some of the information with our Children's Sunday School Program. They are searching for a new curriculum that is bible based. My second grader wrote his prayer letter and thanked God for his brother. At the bottom of the page, he drew a picture of his brother. It was amazing. It looked just like him. It encouraged him so much that he drew two more pictures of people that he knew. It was so neat because he struggles in school but he loves to draw. I thought, how neat, that the Lord would use this curriculum to show him his talents. He also won third place in his Awana Bible quiz contest last night. So again, thank you to you and your family. I am so thankful for SOW. I am putting the word first again in our school days and lives." Sincerely, Liz 

     "AWESOME! The SOW Curriculum exceeded my expectations! SOW is so simple. Everything flows so smoothly.  I bought the books recommended to use with Year I Scope & Sequence. Now I have no lesson prep. Just open and go! 

Thanks so much!"


    "SOW Curriculum meets more than my expectations! I enjoyed the SOW Seminar. I found the topic, character, and vocabulary lessons well laid out.   I feel better about my children's education than I ever had in the past 10 years. They have learned how to think, analyze, and apply information. Their favorite lesson is the Bible outline. Thank you for your faithfulness!"


     "We have six children. Ever since we started the SOW Curriculum, we have seen God working wonders in our family. At first the oldest children had bad attitudes and whined but their behaviors are a lot better now. The word of God is doing a work in their lives. We thank God for helping me find a curriculum that is truly centered on Him. We thank God for the time, research, and work that you all have put into making this curriculum. We thank God for what we are learning and how we are growing in the Lord.

Thank you and may God bless your entire family!"

Mark & Terri

     "My daughter, Katie and I attended the SOW Seminar at your beautiful home in Tylertown. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU to you and your entire family, for your wonderful and gracious hospitality and fellowship. It was a fun, entertaining, uplifting, educational, and a Christian experience. You have a wonderful family and I feel blessed to have had the chance to have met you all. I am new to home education and I am also a new Christian.  I am still at awe at how God has answered all my prayers. However nothing has answered my prayers like SOW. Your curriculum is exactly what I have been looking for and more. It brings together everything I wanted to do in our homeschool as well as organizing my life-that was something extra! Thank you!"


     "We are so excited to have finally found a curriculum which truly has, as its premise, the power and wisdom of the Word of God and the ability of the Holy Spirit to lead our children into understanding. We had our 7 year old at a private Christian school last year but felt as you do, that we should disciple her. There has been an immediate change in our lives since we have started using the SOW Curriculum. The kids haven't asked to watch TV!! They would much rather do the curriculum lessons with us. We can see that the SOW Curriculum will open our hearts and home more readily to the Lord's work. Thank you so much for following God's call."



  "What a blessing! The SOW Curriculum gave me the confidence I needed to homeschool. It was difficult for me at first because I lacked discipline. But the more I used the curriculum the more I loved it and knew it was the right curriculum for us. This entire curriculum is so thorough and well thought out. I feel secure using it because it is rooted in God's word. My children's knowledge and love of God's word has increased very much. Their prayer life continues to amaze me. They love writing the prayer letters. 

Thank you for making it affordable!"



     "We enjoyed meeting your family. The SOW Conference was great! It was very helpful and informative plus spiritually uplifting. We have also begun teaching our 8th grade daughter, as well. We took her out of her Christian school because during her PE class, the teacher allowed the 8th graders to watch an R rated movie. She had been asking us to homeschool her ever since she thumbed through the SOW Student Edition and saw all the great activities we would be doing at home. We were a little nervous and apprehensive about homeschooling all of our children but God has truly given us a peace. We haven't doubted once that this is His will for our family. The blessing has been watching God work in my children's lives. God bless you and your family as you continue to seek Him."

Kathy & Randy

     "We wanted to share with you how successful we have been in the first few months of the curriculum. Since you warned us that there might be some behavior problems at first. You will be pleased to know that our kids thoroughly enjoy the high structure and accountability that it generates. It has made family devotions much easier and the lessons flow VERY smoothly."

Paul & Melissa


Ali, Austin, Jake, Jessica, & Jordan

Bobby & Sherry Arnold 

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"We are in our 10th year of homeschooling and for six years we have been blessed by the SOW Curriculum. We are starting over in Genesis this year. We believe our children have grown in wisdom beyond their years as we have feasted on the Word of God as our daily food.

The SOW Curriculum is really a manual on how to have a godly home built on the Rock of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word as the foundation of our lives. It builds family unity and a love for God and His Word as you inductively study entire books of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. It's wonderful to see how all the academic subjects relate to God and His Word. It's a great tool for Dad to use to be the spiritual leader of his home.

The SOW allows us to teach multi-levels academically as well as how to pray, walk in Godly character traits, memorize scripture, organize household chores, implement stewardship skills, read about great heroes of the faith, learn about "His Story" and how it all relates to Jesus. There are powerful creative writing assignments relating the Old Testament to the New Testament.

Our favorite part has been the SOW co-ops we do weekly with other families - such as literature, geography, science, and the monthly events such as camping trips, Fall Harvest Fair, family worship and Bible Studies, reenacting the Passover or the Tabernacle. All these fun family events deepen our fellowship with other homeschool families.

The yearly notebooks that the children create have become treasured scrapbooks of all that the Lord has taught our family - The Lord is really our Teacher! Mom and Dad learn as much or more than the children do as we all become Students of the Word! 

The grass withers and the flowers fade' - or you could say, 'Science withers and History fades, but the Word of God abides forever!' The help and support we have received from the SOW is not only priceless, but eternal!"          

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