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Dear SOW users,

We made the decision to recommend Usborne books because we have successfully used the Usborne books for many years in our own home for research, enriched reading and activities, and for leisure and relaxation.

We have found that Usborne books work hand in hand with the SOW Curriculum. These books are colorfully illustrated, easy to comprehend, create an interest, and present a wealth of information on almost any topic in subjects such as science, geography, history, literature, reading, writing, music, art, crafts, math, etc. Usborne books truly foster a love for learning in our children.

We have made a list of Usborne books; that, we think correlate best with the SOW Curriculum. This list is OPTIONAL--for those who desire more resources than recommended. The SOW Usborne List consists of the SOW year, title of the book, the subject, the page numbers, the binding quality (hard or paper), the ISBN number, and the price. This list is not a complete list of Usborne books. 

The Usborne books are not considered a Christian resource. In some of the books, there are some contradictory statements to the Christian faith which hold to evolution principles rather than creation. Though some of these books may not be Biblically correct, we have deemed them valuable for their educational content and thus worthy to be on our list of optional resources. 

One of the reasons, we love Usborne books, is that many of these books can be found in the public library.  If these books are not found in your public library, please consider becoming an Usborne Consultant to show and sell these wonderful educational resources in your area.